Membership Benefits

Welcome to the KGA Membership Website. The benefits of membership with the Kentucky Gas Association are numerous, and we thank you for your interest to join your colleagues as a KGA Member.

The Kentucky Gas Association is the collaborative voice of the natural gas industry in the Commonwealth, and the Association will be your partner in promotion, your representative for governmental and public relations, and your resource for training.

Established in 1967, KGA was organized to satisfy the following objectives:

1) To promote association among members of the natural gas industry in Kentucky and to disseminate industry related information and technical data.

2) To develop personal contacts and relationships among counter parts of member companies and affiliates for mutual benefit in developing new and better methods and solutions to common problems.

3) To advance and promote the production, transmission, distribution, and sale of natural gas and natural gas appliances.

4) To promote safety in the industry by developing and publishing information about the production, transmission, distribution, and use of natural gas by the public.

5) To sponsor, develop, and conduct conferences, schools, and programs that inform and train personnel in the gas industry.

6) To sponsor advertising and public relations programs that promote safety, sales, use of gas, and gas appliances that create public confidence, knowledge, and goodwill toward the industry.

7) To develop understanding, confidence, and cooperative relationships with governmental and regulatory entities.

Highlighted benefits of membership include:

1) Workshops: Members receive special pricing for training opportunities, such as the NFPA Code School and classes on the covered tasks identified in the Operator Qualification Justification Guide.

2) Publications: Members receive all Association publications related to safety, legislative and regulatory information, technical data, and all public relations material.

3) Public Awareness & Marketing: Members receive special opportunities to promote, advertise, and market their organization and/or product(s) through a variety of media and programming outlets. Members also have access to special radio and television air-time for public awareness notifications.

4) Government Relations: KGA strives to provide cooperative relationships with governmental and regulatory entities, and the Association communicates with the Kentucky Public Service Commission to ensure workshops are suited to best meet the needs of the membership.

5) Networking: The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, and managed by an Executive Director and ten standing Committees filled with industry specialists of member companies. This management model allows for excellent networking opportunities for members, and we invite you to take an active role at meetings, webinars, workshops, and on Association Committees.

Please consider joining KGA today. To do so, simply click the “Join or Renew Membership" link under the “Membership” tab above, and follow the easy steps. We are very much looking forward to working with you, and a KGA Representative will be happy to further discuss your membership.